Create a better lawn

A patchwork of rough grass can be turned into a velvet soft carpet of lawn.

For many people a lawn is simply the grassy area surrounding your property that needs the mower run over it from time to time. Imagine though, a green outdoor carpet, cool and soft to touch underfoot, complimenting your garden and home. With a little more care and investment of your time and application your lawn can be upgraded from a low cut, moth eaten like patchwork to a sensuous promenade for eye and foot.

Four Lawn Maintenance Tips

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Preparing your property for fire

Blog post 14December

This is the most boring topic and you’re already to move on, DON’T.

kangaroo hug,source, museum victoria
kangaroo hug

Boring as it is, it is very important, particularly if you live in a bush fire prone area like we do in Gippsland. It is not a subject that should demand your attention when you see smoke on the horizon, then it is too late and instead of making an effort to protect your home and family, why not kill the pig and get roasting instead.
Preparing for bush fires start now and this article is only a basic starting point.

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Opening for business.

Township of Trafalgar

It’s December 1st, the starters gun fires and I’m ready to go.  Opening a new business venture is exciting and daunting.  I’m filled with hope, doubt, courage and just plain optimism.

I’ve spent the last few weeks making preparations collecting tools, developing systems and protocols, developing marketing plans and the only way I know if it is sufficient is when it is tested live, face to face with customers and delivering a service.  Then the weaknesses and the bits I forgot about are exposed and need to be addressed, some will be small issues, others will need some thought and strategy to be applied.

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