Opening for business.

It’s December 1st, the starters gun fires and I’m ready to go.  Opening a new business venture is exciting and daunting.  I’m filled with hope, doubt, courage and just plain optimism.

I’ve spent the last few weeks making preparations collecting tools, developing systems and protocols, developing marketing plans and the only way I know if it is sufficient is when it is tested live, face to face with customers and delivering a service.  Then the weaknesses and the bits I forgot about are exposed and need to be addressed, some will be small issues, others will need some thought and strategy to be applied.

One of the challenges has been to deal with the new realm to me at least of developing the business presence on the internet.  Dealing with the different outlets such as Google +, Facebook and the myriad of other services which I have to admit are not part of my normal exposure on the internet are befuddling.


A web page was once simple enough almost 20 years ago when I and much of the world first began exploring the internet..  With Tripod urging you on to create a web page, Lycos inviting you to manually submit your site and Barnes and Noble offering the opportunity to earn money with an affiliate link program.  Web pages are not quite so simple and new skills mastered with a required dose of exasperation.  None the less there have been many attendances at the YouTube University with tips from many helpful tutors of which I am much appreciative of.

And you wouldn’t guess that starting Hemrik Services, although not a new effort on my behalf, was rekindled because of the access that a new connection to the NBN provided me with an almost limitless exposure to the internet and as a result, new opportunities to use it.  I was once doubtful of the value of the NBN, particularly when I previously had access to ADSL which was fine, and more recently access through the mobile network which was OK when it worked but was particularly limiting .   The NBN has changed my use of the internet substantially.  It is fundamental to a lot of things from email, search, access to markets and education.  I wouldn’t believe it  but it is so.

I start on one subject and ended elsewhere.  Well that is what happens when you embark on a journey.  What you learn is not known till the journey is taken.

cheers, Meine.


Hemrik Services. – Create the world beautiful.

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